Sights of Mountain

Through the year, we can enjoy climbing mountains, DA-RIN☆.

❶Mt. Hongu

Mt. Hongu boasting the altitude of 789 meters (862 yard) is widely popular among people in Higashi Mikawa region and it has been considered as a holy mountain. So people in this region has worshipped it for a long time. Thanks to its natural riches, it is designated as the prefectural natural park. This mountain attracts many climbers.

❷Walking Center

Starting point of climbing Mt. Hongu. Parking lot and toilet are completed. The trail map of Mt. Hongu and other informations are available.Entrance fee is free.

❸Spa Hongu-no-Yu

This is a one-day hot spring facility located at the foot of Mt. Hongu. Various types of bath, such as large communal bath, open-air bath, medicated bath and so on, are enjoyable. When the weather is fine, beautiful view of Mikawa Bay or brilliant night view of Toyohashi can be seen. Entrance fee is charged.

❹Mt. Miyaji

It is located in Mikawa Bay quasi-national park. The height to the top of the Mt. Miyaji is 362 meters (about 1187.6 feet). From top of the mountain, Mikawa Bay, Higashi Mikawa Plain and Atsumi Peninsula can be seen. Through the year, you can see many wild animals and various plants, so it’s called the mountain of a natural treasure. Hiking trail is available, and people enjoy forest bathing. It has been famous as a great sight for colored leaves. In late fall, many different colors of leaves make people’s eyes enjoyable. In late November, MOMIJI MATSURI, Japanese Maple Festival, is held. People enjoy various events there.