Tokaido Road

We can time- travel to Edo period, DA-RIN☆.

❶Pine Tree Lined Street in Goyu

In 1604, pine trees were planted to protect people from heat in summer and strong wind in winter. There are about 300 pine trees from Goyu station to Akasaka station, the length of 600 meters (about 1968.5 feet), along the both sides of the Tokaido Road. It still reminds the atmosphere of Edo period. This pine tree lined street is the representative example on the Tokaido Road and it was recognized as the national natural treasure in 1944.

❷Goyu Pine Tree Lined Street Museum

There is a diorama, re-enacting the Edo period, of Goyu station and its town. Japanese woodblock print of Ando Hiroshige, traveling attire and equipment of the Edo period are also displayed. The entrance fee is free.


The building of Ohashiya-Inn has existed since the Edo period. It’s drown by Japanese woodblock print of Ando Hiroshige. But it has quitted the business since 2015.

❹Akasaka Resting Place "Yoramaikan"

Resting place with the Edo period atmosphere. Entrance fee is free.